Gather Round

Gather Round

Silverson Songs Latest Release “Gather Round” Comes Straight From Their Heart to Yours.

Silverson is thrilled to announce the release of their newest tune, “Gather Round” on November 21, 2023. With this release songwriters, Rob Gibson and Gail Silverman (Silverson), tapped their inner singer-songwriter creating a warm, guitar based heartfelt track that feels like an invitation for support and togetherness.

Though the song was created with the holiday’s in mind, it has an evergreen lyrical theme about providing love and support to friends and family when they need it and making sure they feel that they are not alone. 

Rob and Gail write many songs across the primary genres of pop, pop-urban, dark and moody pop and singer-songwriter, and often they work with outside singers to bring the songs to life. “Gather Round” was one of their exceptions as it came from a very personal place and they felt so strongly about the sentiment and the song that they chose to bring their own voices to the track.  In these challenging times and knowing how alone people can feel in the world these days, they were looking to create a warm and welcoming vibe inviting people in.

In addition to “Gather Round”, Silverson is releasing two additional Christmas tunes with warm loving vibes, “Big Enough Bow”, a fun Afro pop tune, and “Wrap it in Love”, a fresh Justin Beiber classic holiday pop track featuring Charlie Cooper.

“Gather Round” officially drops November 21, 2023, Big Enough Bow on December 7th and Wrap it in Love on December 21, 2023. Available across all the major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer and more.


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